A Golf Scramble
Unlike Any Other

Imagine a beautiful day of sophisticated golf professionals competing on the course. This is not that. Now imagine the exact opposite: drunk golfers, no crowds, and not an ounce of self-respect or dignity. Join us on a journey.

A journey that began the summer of 2018, a simpler time before global pandemics, bar capacities, and a failing GDP was the normalcy.

During this prosperous year, four intoxicated individuals were standing in a pool envisioning a perfect world where good golfers were paired with shitty golfers - the kind that's so shitty they don't even understand the concept of "par." A world where politics do not matter: there's no party affiliation and all that matters is your ability to hit a golf ball or drink copious amounts of alcohol. A game of strategy, resilience, and stamina where each player must utilize his/her God given talents. If a team can collectively synergize these strengths, then glory awaits you.

We proudly present to you "the best damn golf tournament there's ever been." This is the Legits and Shits Golf Scramble. Our mission for the L&S Golf Scramble is to provide a bridge between good golfers and bad golfers, allowing for competitive play between all levels of skill that benefits those that are already likely to enjoy a few cold ones on the green. The strategy is simple: play to your strengths. What does that mean? Good golf players (Legits) are paired with good drinkers (Shits). It is up to each team to decide their approach in stroke reductions.

Upcoming Events

November 12, 2022

Ridge Creek Golf Club

Dinuba, CA

Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club is located in the heart of the Central California Valley. Owned by the City of Dinuba, Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club is surrounded by the Sierra Mountain line and canals reaching an abundance of orchards. Built on land that produced plums and peaches, the 18-hole championship golf course was specifically designed to use reclaimed water from the city and use state-of-the-art science to irrigate the vast native and playing areas.


This event will benefit Working Dogs for Vets (Service Dog | United States | Working dogs for vets). WDFV rescues dogs and trains them to be certified service animals that are subsequently paired with disabled veterans. WDFV is a Tennessee based charitable organization, but services all states in the country with California being the 5th largest state with applicants. 


Click the signup button below to get on the roster for this event! For sponsors, follow the link (L&S Cali Sponsor) for different sponsorship options. Any questions for both players and sponsors can be directed to info@lsgolfscramble.com. 











Nashville, TN

Nashville National Golf Links is an 18 hole championship layout designed to be playable by both the beginner and the accomplished golfer. Experience the course for yourself for the first time or come back and play it again. There are new changes going on all the time to make this a destination place to play. The challenge is to master this 6,200 yard course, but you'll be swept away among the limestone bluffs, natural waterfalls, rolling hills, native plant life and woodlands all provide a picturesque backdrop to your golf experience.

FALL 2023



Highland Park Golf Course is a historic 18-hole public golf course located in the heart of downtown Birmingham, Alabama. Highland Park is a favorite spot among locals and visitors for the awesome downtown views and fun, yet challenging layout it provides. An extensive million-dollar renovation in 2019 has set the scene for a truly unforgettable round of golf on Alabama’s oldest golf course.