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Join us May 21st at the Nashville National Golf Links
for the best damn golf tournament of 2022.

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Join Us On The Journey

Imagine a beautiful day of sophisticated golf professionals competing on the course… This is not that. Now imagine the exact opposite: drunk golfers, no crowds, and not an ounce of self-respect or dignity. Join us on a journey…

A journey that began the summer of 2018, a simpler time before global pandemics, bar capacities, and a failing GDP was the normalcy. During this prosperous year, four intoxicated individuals were standing in a pool envisioning a perfect world where good golfers were paired with shitty golfers - the kind that's so shitty they don't even understand the concept of "par." A world where politics do not matter: there's no party affiliation and all that matters is your ability to hit a golf ball or drink copious amounts of alcohol. A game of strategy, resilience, and stamina where each player must utilize his/her God given talents. If a team can collectively synergize these strengths, then glory awaits you. We proudly present to you "the best damn golf tournament there's ever been." This is the Legits and Shits Golf Scramble.

Our mission for the L&S Golf Scramble is to provide a bridge between good golfers and bad golfers, allowing for competitive play between all levels of skill that benefits those that are already likely to enjoy a few cold ones on the green. Below is an example of the official scorecard of the L&S Golf Scramble. The strategy is simple: play to your strengths. What does that mean? Good golf players (Legits) are paired with good drinkers (Shits). It is up to each team to decide their approach in stroke reductions.


The Founders

The following individuals are the founding members of the L&S Golf Scramble: two Legits and two Shits. Each of them respectively contributing years of experience to both sides of the L&S skillsets. All four individuals come from a diverse background that contribute a competitive and entertaining experience in golf.

Michael Franz

Michael grew up a homeschooler before pandemics made homeschooling cool. Michael solidified where he would align on an L&S roster during his freshman year of college. Bringing no experience to the table, analysts and scouts were bewildered at his remarkable performance and accomplishments achieved during his rookie season.

Upon graduation and realizing he had no career in professional golf, Franz pledged himself to the L&S Scramble where he could better utilize his skillsets on the green. Long after his first tournament, Franz still struggles to make contact with a golf ball and still doesn't understand that lower scoring is better. Yet, he manages to add tremendous value to his team through stroke reductions during the L&S Scramble.

Jake Thomas

Jake grew up on the mean streets of Dickson, TN where he adamantly opposed golf and never stepped foot on a green. It wasn't until age 23, in an effort to raise his GPA through college PE courses, that he discovered and began to love the game of golf.

After being involuntarily dismissed from the PE golf class and kicked off the course, Jake dedicated his life to avenging the travesty caused by the course marshal and wanna-be professionals of the local course that day. Jake has thus been a pivotal part of the founding fathers that created the L&S Golf Scramble as a way to rectify the injustices done from spring semester senior year.

Ryan James

In 1943, the 1st Infantry Division, nicknamed the Big Red One ("BRO"), penetrated directly through the German defenses. Only now, nearly a century later is a mortal man, let alone a husky ginger, worthy enough for to share the same nickname. Ryan James is an upper Escalon Legit with a highly ranked drinking ability.

A disruptive and never before seen first generation L&S dual threat. Heavy enough to consume an extreme L&S stroke reduction amount of alcohol, yet light and agile enough to run a 4.3 forty. Also, Ryan has been nicotine free since '03 which has allowed him to hone in and master the sport of golf.

Adam Hamm

Adam is a multi-disciplined champion with his first podium coming from the links. Since then, he has become a champion of many other things. Most notably, a champion of the dark web and conspiracy theories; a champion of unsafe online shopping exchanges; a champion of dating apps; a champion of the "no Effs given" approach.

However, this champion is not without controversy: three years of strong golfing performance have resulted in multiple performance enhancing drug allegations of which Hamm has yet to address. Sources have speculated how Hamm will perform under the increased testing for future L&S events.

May 21, 2022

Upcoming Event

Our next upcoming event will be held at Nashville National Golf Links on May 21, 2022. A shotgun tee off will take place promptly at 8:30am. Those participating in the Party Bus Package are to arrive in the 8th South neighborhood (area by Fenwicks, M.L. Rose, and Craft Brewed) no later than 6:30am for a shuttle to transport all scramble players to the course.

This will be an 80's themed event and it will be encouraged to dress the part! Any outfit catered to the 80's is welcomed, whether it only involves an 80's rock band t-shirt all the way up to a 80's disco outfit. During our closing announcements, we'll name three winners and the crowd will dictate the first place prize!

If you would like to paricipate in this event, please process the form below and submit venmo payment by end of day May 7th - the venmo username will be provided in a confirmation email upon completing the form.









Charity Recipient - Working Dogs for Vets

Our next upcoming event will benefit Working Dogs for Vets. Their mission is to provide service dogs and training to disabled heroes in need, empowering them as they return to civilian life with a new found independence; reducing suicide and overcrowding in animal shelters. In addition to supporting our great veterans, this charity has also saved many dogs from shelters. WDFV was founded in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, and is the nation's largest service dog provider.

Our charity raffle and a portion of the putting competition, along with any leftover L&S proceeds from the event, will be donated to this great organization! Show up and engage in this great cause - for the troops and pups!

For more information on this organization, visit https://www.workingdogsforvets.org.


May 21st Partnerships

The following individuals and businesses will be supporting the L&S Golf Scramble on May 21st. We are excited to announce their partnership in a variety of ways.

Reed Sircy

Realtor Reed is a local Nashvillian that now sells properties to both investors and new buyers alike. Reed is extremely experienced with his everchanging hometown neighborhoods and middle Tennessee area. Reed is known for his negotiation skills and his investor approach to financing and buying properties, and always puts his best effort forward to ensure his clients are making the most gainful investment possible. Not to mention, this man could sell outlets to the Amish.




Cliff Denton

Cliff is a successful health insurance agent that’s sold over $3 million of policy value to hundreds of individuals in need of affordable and reliable coverage. Today, he is a leader in his respective field responsible for recruitment, training, and employee support to ensure his team is best suited to grow their careers in healthcare sales. Additionally, he strives to expand Phoenix Consulting’s outreach to the national community through affordable and rewarding healthcare coverage. Those seeking to change into a career with limitless opportunities or just in need of health insurance are encouraged to contact him.




Harding House Brewing Co. is a taproom-focused, hyper-local local brewery located in the heart of The Nations Neighborhood in West Nashville area. HHB was founded on several foundations, including investing in the local community, using local ingredients, creating a welcoming gathering place, putting employees first, crafting excellence, and giving back to the community. HHB offers a dozen variety of recurring styles of beer along with seasonal options in the form of ales, lagers, IPA’s and more. HHB staff will be representing one of the holes on the course to provide some of their beer to sample!


Craft Vapor is a local vapor shop founded by a local Nashvillian. They specialize in vape products with a variety of flavors. Additionally, they also sell assortments of Delta-8 edibles. Craft Vapor will be stationed at one of the holes selling their products throughout the day of the event!

NoBaked Cookie Dough makes cookie dough that you can safely eat raw just the way it is. NoBaked started in Nashville in 2017 and has been growing their business ever since. They offer two locations in Nashville as well as an online service that ships their product directly to your door. NoBaked will be offering samples of their cookie dough in the afternoon through the closing announcements to satisfy everyone’s intoxicated sweet tooth!


Tito’s Handmade Vodka is America’s Original Craft Vodka. In 1995, Bert “Tito” Beveridge obtained the first legal permit to distill in Texas and created Tito’s Handmade Vodka. They batch distill corn-based vodka using old-fashioned pot stills and the vodka is naturally Gluten-Free. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is distilled and bottled by Fifth Generation Inc. in Austin, Texas on the very same land where the whole venture started

Tito's will be supplying a large portion of swag bag items this year, including golf tees, koozies, mini vodkas, and more! Tito's will also be providing a variety of golf giveaway prizes for the charity raffle, including a William Murray/Tito's Handmade Vodka branded Calloway Golf Bag. Tito's plans to setup a welcome tent during registration prior to tee off to sample their vodka in a couple different cocktails to kick the morning off right!

The National Anthem

Given our charity proceeds will benefit a patriotic cause this year, we've decided to include the national anthem at the conclusion of the opening announcements just before tee times. L&S has nominated the great and infamous Steve "Jean McDenim" Boertje to serenade our tournament with patriotism.


Ready to Sign Up? Fill out the form

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below and submit payment by end of day May 7, 2022. Please note there are two options to choose from with different pricing: The Basic and The Party Bus. The Basic provides a reserved spot, swag bag, and access to anything provided by the event sponsors. The Party Bus provides all the same things from The Basic as well as transportation to and from the course via private shuttle bus with breakfast upon boarding. Be sure to Venmo the correct amount based on the package chosen outlined in the form below.

***NOTE BELOW for those participating in the shuttle bus*** The shuttle bus is a first come, first serve basis for the first 100 players. Those participating in the shuttle bus must also arrive to the predetermined Nashville location - which will be communicated closer to the event - no later than 6:30 AM, May 21st.

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